wooden hair brush

Wooden Comb Wide Tooth

The comb made from wood, Best suited for hairfall & hair breakage. Wooden comb gives the best results as it is a neem wooden comb as neem wooden comb is best wooden comb wide tooth comb for hair growth, Rather than using plastic comb we should start using wooden comb because wooden comb has the wooden teeth that have rounded tips which have a gentle massaging effect on your scalp

wooden comb wide tooth

Why should we use wooden comb wide tooth?

Conditions hair:  wooden comb wide tooth which distribute your scalps natural oils through your hair helping to keep your hair conditioned and soft. It’s like a free conditioning treatment, Wooden comb also Reduces breakage: Many people find that they get less breakage when using a wooden brush. The wood is smooth and your hair will glide over it, and wooden comb is Hypoallergenic:They’re a great choice if you have a sensitive scalp. The smooth bristles are very gentle.