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Using a Wooden Comb? See how to clean wooden combs?

Spotting strands of hair on your cushion after you wake up or in your restroom channel after a hair shower, can be terrible indications of over the top hair fall and harm. A few ladies are declaring the way that in spite of utilizing hair fall shampoos, trailed by a few hair growth tips and hair fall medicines, the circumstance won’t beat that. 

clean wooden comb

Hair fall can be constraining. Styling hair, or making puffs and buns, making them short or letting them become long all can be overwhelming. Level hair and absence of shine are issues one winds up handling on a regular premise. Try Tame Neem Wooden Comb and realise the benefits on your own. Get smooth, silky and shining hair with Tame Neem Wooden Comb, but you need to clean wooden combs regularly.


Provided that you are understanding this, at that point in all probability you effectively own a wooden comb. What’s more, much more, you comprehend the way that sound hair starts with a spotless hair neem wooden comb. Handcrafted neem wooden comb can be your ideal belonging as there is nothing better for your scalp and hair than characteristic wooden fibers. The best piece of these wooden neem wooden combs are that they are 100% biodegradable. Know how to clean wooden combs in simple ways!


If you wish to comb your hair forever, at that point change to Neem Wooden Comb! Neem wooden Combs costs basically only can assist you with keeping your hair sound forever. This extraordinary comb composed of Neem and wood, which controls hair fall and wards the dandruff off. In contrast to the scratchy plastic combs, Neem combs are not unforgiving on the scalp or hair. 


  • Produced using the wood of Indian Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree, this neem wooden comb has demonstrated restorative properties that controls male pattern baldness and treats dandruff. 


  • Ordinary combing with Neem Wooden Comb will capture the advancement of thinning up top, add try to please hair and give alleviation from alopecia, dandruff and bothersome scalp. 


  • Non-invasive. Use it as some other hair comb and clean wooden comb as others.


Like some other hair wooden combs, wooden combs also require cleaning so you don’t move the oil or germs once again into your hair. Be that as it may, wood doesn’t care for water, in this manner, one must be cautious to clean wooden combs. Here are a many tips which would help you to clean wooden comb: 


  1. Recollect that wood doesn’t respond well to water, and may grow and in the long run splinter whenever lowered in water for a longer timeframe and consequently don’t leave your wooden search lowered in water for over 3 minutes to gently clean wooden comb.


  1. The most ideal approach to clean wooden comb is to absorb warm water blended in with a gentle cleanser or cleanser for 2 to 3 minutes. Delicately wipe any soil or flotsam and jetsam from the neem wooden comb, running a little bit of material through every prong. On the off chance that there are difficult buildup left much subsequent to cleaning, scour the neem wooden comb tenderly with an old tooth neem wooden comb. Remember to wipe the neem wooden comb with a bit of fabric to totally expel/dry water. Once cleaned agreeable to you, apply next to no oil (hair oil you use) to both sides of the neem wooden comb and rub delicately with your fingers so the oil is equitably conveyed everywhere to clean a wooden comb.


  1. Another approach to clean your wooden look over is to utilize oil for cleaning. Plunge a perfect bit of material in any common oil, (for example, olive, jojoba or coconut oil) and afterward rub this all over your comb to clean wooden comb. Gradually expel soil or trash from the search running the material over every prong. On the off chance that there are difficult buildup left, scour the neem wooden comb delicately with an old tooth neem wooden comb. Wipe again with a bit of fabric and you may even lay the clean wooden comb on the towel to absorb the oil for the time being. 


  1. If you utilize a detangling neem wooden comb while you cleanse your hair, at that point give the neem wooden comb a wash too. Subsequently, wipe the neem wooden comb with a fabric and apply a little oil everywhere throughout the neem wooden comb once water gets cleaned to clean wooden combs.  

clean wooden comb

Here are a couple of steps to ensure your neem wooden comb keeps going: 


At the point when you initially get your new wood neem wooden comb, feel free to give it a little love by molding it before you use it. Basically take a little facial hair oil and a paper towel, and rub the oil everywhere throughout the neem wooden comb. You don’t have to utilize a great deal; yet only enough to give it a pleasant sheen. Let it sit for the time being to absorb the oil, clear off the overabundance, at that point you are set to start utilizing it. 


Like clockwork, rehash the progression above to clean wooden combs. 


If you have gunk or earth between the comb’s teeth, think about utilizing an additional toothneem wooden comb to get in the middle of the teeth. This expels the gunk and soil, yet it permits you to get in the small spaces without utilizing water. Obviously, wash and clean the tooth of the neem wooden comb after each utilization. 


Store your neem wooden comb in a spot that won’t get a lot of dampness. Regularly, most beardsmen will leave their neem wooden comb in the washroom, which is one of the most dampness rich territories in the home. Discover a spot that shields it from the components like a medication bureau, in your whiskers pack, or even a neem wooden comb sleeve. 


Since you realize how to think about your neem wooden comb, feel free to try these means. You will see the distinction in how your neem wooden comb performs and to what extent it will last you.


It is critical to utilize water sparingly during cleaning of neem wooden comb to maintain a strategic distance from wood harm. Continuously clear off water in the wake to clean wooden comb and apply little oil all over your neem wooden comb. Be delicate and don’t clean excessively hard.


Tame neem wooden comb exhibits the below stated benefits:

  • Healthy Scalp (Boosts Blood Circulation)
  • Encourages Hair Growth
  • Prevents Hair Loss And Hair Breakage
  • Helps In Reducing Dandruff
  • Removes Dirt And Foreign Particles
  • Helps Maintain Youth
  • A Healthy Menstrual Cycle
  • And Good Eyesight.


Neem Wooden Combs are used by Salon Professionals, Makeup artists, Celebrities, Trichologists, Dermatologists & Even Wonder Women Like You!


We have Handcrafted a set of 4 Essential Neem Wood Combs for you:

1st Long comb is to pamper yourself when you have the time to shampoo & give your hair all the time it deserves.

2nd Comb with handle is convenient when you are getting ready to go out and have to get ready fast.

3rd comb goes into your bag, helping you keep your hair in place, wherever or whenever you want.

4th comb has wider teeth for use after hairwash.


Infused oils in Tame Neem Wooden Comb includes neem, avocados, onion oil and tea tree oil benefitting the damaged hair 


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